Picking The Right Web Hosting Company

You have decided to build yourself a website. You know what you want the site to be about, you have some potential names for the website picked out in your head, and you are hoping they are still available. You know what you want the site to look like. But, you are wondering how you actually get it on the internet. You have read some articles that explain that you need a web host to put your site on the world-wide-web. Now the real problem arises. How do you pick a web hosting company that is best suited for what you need?

There are hundreds of web hosting companies out there. Every one of them claims to have the best prices and the best service. You have looked for information on the internet that may clue you into how to go about choosing. You may have even been lucky enough to come across an article from someone commenting on a great experience with their hosting company.

Choosing a web hosting company can be intimidating. You have to choose between how much storage space you need, how many email boxes you can set up, how many FTP accounts you can have, SQL databases, control panels, sub-domains, and the list goes on. Each company usually offers different levels of all these to meet your needs and then multiply that times all the different companies out there. That is a lot of research to do. Some companies offer free website building programs as part of your package. Some even offer programs where you tell them what you want and they will build it for you. Most companies will offer your free domains names as well. The more your monthly package is then the more free names you get, usually.

I thought it was important to write this article because I was overwhelmed when I was building my site. I ended up going with http://aplus.net. They seemed to offer the most for the money. Well, one thing that did not come with the package was customer service. Their service is awful. I have spoken to them 4 times since signing up with them. Each of the times I did not get an answer to my question by the time I got off the phone. I finally just got so aggravated with their lack of desire to help me with my problem that I ended the call and just tried to fix it myself, which I usually ended up figuring out. I bought a package with a sizeable amount of storage space because I wanted to build a nice sized website and did not want to run out of space. Well, I have well over 100 pages to my site so far, I have pictures, video, and multiple articles. I have not even used 1% of my storage space yet. I do plan other sites in the future but I do not think I will ever use all the space. I have 15,000 MB of space and I have used 18.40 MB’s to date.

My site has a handful of web hosting sites on it. I have tried to add ones that I have heard good things about, since signing up with http://aplus.net. However, since I have not spoken with their service people I really cannot say for certain if they are any better than http://aplus.net. Here is a comparison of a few of the companies that can be found on my site. This is just a guideline on explaining what to look for. I am not recommending any company over the other, nor am I recommending any of these sites over the others on the internet.


Webwizards.net- this is a perfect example of some of the differences. This particular company offers very cheap monthly rates but does not add in many of the extras I mentioned above as part of their rate. They offer them at extra charges per month. So, if you are not looking for anything fancy this may be ideal for you because if you do need the services they are available. If you don’t need them you don’t pay for them. Their cheapest plan is $6 a month. Some of the charges for services are: $4 per month for additional domains. $1/month for use of Frontpage (site building program). $.50 for each subdomain, and the list goes on. This site offers 6 plans with the prices ranging from $6 a month to $68. The more expensive package includes most of the extras as part of their monthly fees. http://www.webwizards.net/discount.code/batman

Godaddy.com – they offer a very basic hosting plan for $3.95 a month. This is one of the cheapest I have come across but I do not see that there are any of the extras available if you need them, which differs from the first site we looked at. Their most expensive plan is only $19.95 but if you compared it to the first site I believe it would be comparable to their package close to that price. There is no mention of any site building tools even being available. So, you either need to find a free site builder on-line (which are usually pretty limited) or you have to buy your own. http://www.GoDaddy.com

Bluehost.com – from a quick look at this site it appears they only offer one program. It may be that you can customize it during the sign-up process but I wasn’t about to sign-up to find out. The home page on their site says $6.95 per month.

The most important piece of advice I can give anyone looking into this is to not be sucked up by all the stuff they offer, if you do not need it. Secondly, some of the freebies they offer are not useful anyway because they do not really work. An example would be search engine submission tools. They claim to submit your site to hundreds or thousands of search engines. I have seen one that has offered as much as 700,000 search engines. Who even knew there were that many? They may submit the site to the search engines but that doesn’t help you. It can take up to 6 weeks for the search engine to even review it and it isn’t even a guarantee they will index your site. If they do index it, it may never be seen because it may fall on page 250 of 250 pages for a search word.

There many more effective tools out there to get yourself a high ranking in the search engines. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information on other products, or keep an eye out for future articles. I wish you luck with your website. It is an interesting hobby (for me anyway). You will make mistakes when you start out, I made many and still continue to make them. Hopefully this article will help you avoid some of the ones I made.

Scott Bianchi operates http://www.best-internet-bargains.com. If you would like to be included in his mailing list when he publishes a new article send an email to articles@bestinternetbargains.com
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Why Not Reinvent the Wheel?

"Why go and reinvent the wheel?" It's a question that's been around for centuries; right? But here's a better question: Why not reinvent the wheel?

"Why go and reinvent the wheel?" It's a question that's been around for centuries; right? But here's a better question: Why not reinvent the wheel?

As a Peak Performance Coach, I do a lot of personal development training for adults and children, alike. I love kids! They don't think like us adults. Kids are just so incredibly and infectiously optimistic about embracing, "what could be."

Recently, I asked the thought-provoking question, "Why not reinvent the wheel?" to a group of elementary-aged students. My aim was to challenge their beliefs and encourage them to think, outside of their thinking. Take a look at just a few of the amazing reasons they came up with addressing why they would reinvent the wheels ... on their bicycles.

  • They only come in one color
  • They don't bounce
  • You can't see inside
  • They need some style
  • They're not made of steel
  • Too many flat tires
  • They're boring
  • They slow down when on grass
  • They don't glow in the dark
Pretty remarkable answers; I'm sure you agree. But, the students didn't stop there. They got on the computer and started letting the manufacturers know their demands. All of the children gained an incredible sense of empowerment and immediately began to look for other things that could to be reinvented!

By nature, children are optimistic. Unlike their adult counterparts, they haven't ignored the "research and development" departments, within themselves. As such, they are always taking something apart, asking innumerable questions, and looking to do differently. Children are intrinsically free (they give themselves permission) to pursue ... anything they want to.

The point is, when I implied (with my question) that the wheel should be reinvented, not one of the students deferred their opportunity to share with me, the reasons why. Each took what has been recognized as the norm -- for decades -- and identified the concepts for total transformation. Then, after crystallizing their incredible vision, they took immediate action in their quest to bring it into fruition.

What about you? What could you reinvent? Your bank account? The number on your scale? Your thoughts? Your marriage?

What about your life?

Does it only come in one color? Can you see inside? Do you need some style? Could you use more bounce?

Once you begin visualizing what could be, life will become much more fascinating and you'll begin moving in the direction of your optimal self.

Challenge That Which Is!

This inspiring group of students empowered themselves when they enthusiastically challenged, "that which is." My hope is that you will use this magnificent model to construct new meaning (and a new wheel) in your own life.

Links:Download & Play Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition Game Free. After living on a pink cloud for over a year Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place!
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10 Smoking Facts to Help You Develop a New Attitude Toward Your Cigarette Addiction

What are the smoking facts? Smoking can kill you, and your cigarette addiction can also kill others.

If you want to quit cigarette smoking you need to start by changing your attitude and beliefs about your cigarette addiction.

All addicts engage in denial and rationalization. You use these tidy bits of fiction to protect yourself from the stark reality of the smoking risks to your health and the health of those around you. Your tobacco addiction is likely accompanied some or all of the following bits of smoking fiction. You cannot quit cigarette smoking unless you give up your denial and face the facts about smoking.

Fiction: I have the right to do what I want, it is my body.

Fact #1: The facts about smoking reveal that your habit is contributing to air pollution, global warming, accidental poisoning, escalating prevalence of asthma and even sudden infant death syndrome. Your addiction is harming not only you but those around you. Your are not alone on this planet, and you are not alone in your life. There are other people who love you and need you and your smoking is as harmful to them as it is to you.

Fiction: If I keep the windows open when I smoke in the car I am protecting the children from the harmful effects of smoke.

Fact #2: This does nothing to protect your children from the smoking risks to health. Every time you smoke a cigarette in the car they smoke it with you.

Fiction: Smoking is a bad habit.

Fact #3: Smoking is a tobacco addiction not a habit.

Fiction: Everybody smokes.

Fact #4: Everybody does not smoke. So many people in Canada are giving up smoking that the national rate for smoking is approaching 18% . If you smoke you are in the minority not the majority.

Fiction: Smoking is cool.

Fact #5: When you smoke you do not look cool, you look stupid. Let's face it you have freely chosen to engage in an activity that drains your pocket book and harms your health. This decision calls your intelligence into question. Smoking statistics in Canada show that smoking is more prevalent among the unemployed, lower income groups and populations with 12 years or less of grade school education. Smoking doesn't make you look cool it makes you look uneducated, unemployed, and poor.

Fiction: It is only tobacco. Its not like its heroin or anything.

Fact #6 : Nicotine is more dangerous that cocaine, heroin or alcohol when it comes to dependence. Dependence develops quickly. The product is legal and easily available making the dependence easier to maintain. Tobacco addiction causes more health problems worldwide than heroin.

Fiction: It is legal so it can't be that bad.

Fact #7: See smoking fact # 6

Fiction: I only smoke socially when I am with friends.

Fact #8: See smoking fact # 6. Your social smoking will likely result in a tobacco addiction. If you value your friends do not harm them. You have a moral obligation to protect them.

Fiction: I am still young and will quit before I get older

Fact # 9: See smoking fact # 6. Smoking statistics show that most people start their cigarette addiction when they are teenagers.

Fiction: It is hopeless, I have tried many times and I cannot quit cigarette smoking.

Fact # 10: Not everyone is successful the first time they try to quit cigarette smoking. The facts about smoking show that most former smokers had several unsuccessful attempts before they finally overcame their tobacco addiction. Keep trying!

Of all the known smoking risks to your health perhaps the most significant one is not facing the facts about smoking and living in a world of denial.

If you want to quit cigarette smoking your reality check should include facing the smoking facts. This one is so important it bears repeating.

Smoking can kill you.

Beverly Hansen OMalley is a health promotion specialist and likes to write about health related topics that help people in their daily lives. She is the the owner of http://www.registered-nurse-canada.com where she explores the uniqueness of the nursing profession in Canada.
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